Yorkshire Driving Clubs

There are many national driving clubs that focus on drivers of specific makes - from Vauxhall to Saab to Porsche - active in Yorkshire. At the same time, there are dedicated clubs created in the vast historic county for driving enthusiasts within the area. These clubs are opportunities for road trip and driving enthusiasts to share experiences, participate in events and talk about their vehicles with fellow drivers. The following is a list of some of the driving clubs found in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Off Road Club

The Yorkshire Off Road Club organises and promotes off-road driving events for every type of four-by-four vehicle including Land Rover, Jeep, Suzuki and many other brands. In addition to advice and opportunities to socialise with fellow drivers, the club offers members training in driving as well as the preparation and maintenance of vehicles. The club also organises trial events in a relaxed and friendly environment where members can use their own vehicles. Novice drivers participating in events are given guidance and can even request a mentor, giving them a chance to have an experienced driver ride along with them while driving in a controlled environment. Non-members are also welcome at events, which are generally free. Recognised by the Motor Sports Association (MSA), the Yorkshire Off Road Club hosts monthly club nights on the last Tuesday of each month in the Leeds area. Although the small club does not publish a newsletter or magazine, members are kept up-to-date through the club's website and events.

MG Car Club Yorkshire Centre

Founded in 1930, the MG Car Club began opening regional centres during its early years. By 1933, centres in Edinburgh and Newcastle on Tyne opened to serve MG enthusiasts in Scotland and the North, respectively. By 1936, the club's Northern Centre split into the North West and North East Centres. In 1998, the Yorkshire Centre was born after other regional centres splintered in Tyne-Tees and Lincolnshire during the 1970s and 1980s. The club's members include drivers who own and are interested in MG automobiles, and it arranges a variety of social events for members. Meetings are typically intimate and informal affairs hosted at pubs, often attracting around 30 or less enthusiasts. Driving events put on by the Yorkshire Centre are held throughout the region, including drives through the scenic Yorkshire Dales and Yorkshire Moors. Competitive races are also organised by the club and overseen by the national MG Car Club.

Porsche Club Great Britain, Yorkshire Region

A small group of enthusiasts founded the Porsche Club in 1961 as a way to celebrate the Porsche 356, which was at the time the only model produced by Porsche. Today, the club has more than 13,000 members across the UK and several regional clubs. The Yorkshire Region covers a large portion of the North East of England as well as the Lake District. Spectacular landscapes and scenic drives dominate the region, which includes the Peak District to the south, the Moors in the north east of Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Dales in the heart of the region. Based in Leeds, the Porsche Club Great Britain Yorkshire Region stages a broad range of events throughout the year for members of all ages including an annual competition that attracts about 300 Porsches. Members own every type of Porsche motor vehicle produced, from cars to tractors. Monthly meetings are arranged on the first Wednesday of every month at the Woodlands Hotel in Leeds, which is close to the local Porsche Centre.

North Yorkshire Lotus Owners Club

The North Yorkshire Lotus Owners Club (NYLOC) was constituted in 1998 when Club Lotus members formed a new home for Lotus enthusiasts in the region. The club has grown to have more than 190 members. Members attend shows, competitions and other events throughout the UK and Europe, and the club also puts on its own driving and charity events in and around North Yorkshire. The North Yorkshire Owners Club has also organised road runs to the Le Mans 24 hours race and even in the United States. Club meetings often attract more than 90 Lotus vehicles during the summer and more than 20 in the winter, with most Lotus owners bringing their prized vehicles to meetings during the warmer months. Monthly meetings are open to members and non-members alike, and they are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month (except December) at The Buckles Inn south west of York.

Yorkshire Land Rover Owners Club

Founded in 1971, the Yorkshire Land Rover Owners Club (YLROC) is an opportunity for Land Rover owners to get something more out of owning their vehicle. The club encourages motoring as a sport as well as hobby through social events and learning opportunities. Members range from experienced motorsport and trials enthusiasts to more casual Land Rover drivers. Annual events include competitive and non-competitive events, including trails, cross-country, road-going, treasure hunt and rally events. Driving Training Days for less experienced drivers are also offered by the YLROC. Members can also participate in weekend trips that combine camping or caravanning with drivers with other Land Rover owners. Club nights are organised each month at Pool-in-Wharfedale.

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