Yorkshire Motorbike Clubs / Racing / Rallys

There are many Yorkshire motorbike clubs, a good number of which are purely social, but others of which are engaged in rallying and racing days. All over the county, like-minded people with an interest in motorcycling get together to enjoy and show off their bikes as well as discussing the finer points of biking. Given some of the superb natural surroundings that God's own county has to offer, it is no surprise that clubs and groups from elsewhere also head to Yorkshire on days out. These include clubs from Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Cumbria. However, Yorkshire has plenty of its own groups, too.

Yorkshire Motorbike Clubs

NBC is a typically informal group of bikers who don't want the regulations of a proper club. Based in Barnsley, and the wider South Yorkshire area, the group is casual and gets together for rallies and ride outs. From time to time they organise weekend events, too. At the other end of scale is NCC Ribble Valley which has a much more formal approach to club membership. Indeed, the group have their own clubhouse which is open to all comers at least once a month. NCC Ribble Valley also hold an annual field party to which all members can come.

Having run for five years, Northern Cross MCC is a motorcycle club which is based in West Yorkshire. The club puts on ride outs and rallies throughout the year, holding bi-monthly meetings in Crossflatts, near to Bingley. On the social side, the club put on rock nights and other events that include a ride out of remembrance, conducted in November, as well as festivities at Christmas time.

Another informal group of bikers who get together is the South Yorkshire Bike Group. Made up of bikers from both South and West Yorkshire, the accent of the group is on fun, running without a committee, subscriptions or any club rules. Along with ride outs and weekenders, there are European tours that have been organised in the past, along with regular monthly meetings. In the same area, female bikers might want to consider checking out the South Yorkshire Lady Bikers, a group for women only which does not discriminate according to the style of bike ridden, nor the age of the rider. Another female only group is the Cherrybombs MCC which was formed in Castleford, West Yorkshire and which now has members from all locations.

A club that gets together each week is based in Todmorden, in West Yorkshire. The so-called Undertakers Riders Club is open to all new members and meet at 8pm each Tuesday. Another weekly group is the The 1-Offs Biker and Trike Club which meets at the Guide Inn at Cullingworth, near to Bradford. They get together on Sundays. Another Tuesday night group is the Bridge Rats, a club that has a growing membership and which is based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

Founded over a decade ago, North UK Bikers is a region-wide ride out club which covers the whole of the North Of England, including Yorkshire. The club caters for all types of rider, so it is a good place whether you are into cruisers, tourers, supermotos or sports bikes. Handily, the group organise their ride outs with a grading system so they can be judged according to their difficulty and length, meaning that all skill levels are catered for.

Yorkshire Motorcyle Racing

One of the best-established racing clubs in the county is the Auto 66 Club, which was founded in the summer of 1966, hence the name. It held grass track meeting initially before going on to use the facilities at RAF Elvington, near York, for a while. Past racing luminaries include Tony Jefferies and Barry Sheene. In the past, the club has put on Supermoto fixtures and Junior Moto X events, however over the past ten years or so the club has been more focussed on developing circuit-based racing which has meant introducing more and more safety measures at Oliver's Mount, the facility most used by the club.

Located a short distance from the centre of Scarborough, the circuit at Oliver's Mount offers riders a 2.43 mile track which is a challenging and twisting course that tests rider skill to the maximum. Much of the circuit is the public highway, so anyone can ride it, so long as they obey the speed limit, of course. On race days, the course is closed to the public. Situated close to York, the aforementioned Elvington Race Track occupies the site of a former airfield. Here, bikers can enjoy top speeds safe in the knowledge they are off the road, although the facilities are open to car drivers as well as bikers. Fans of off-road biking can enjoy the course at FatCat Motoparc in Armthopre, near to Doncaster, where coaching from experienced riders is usually available, too. Be sure to visit Yorkshire Motorcycle Dealers for all your motorcycle sales as well as parts and accessories.